The Lot’s Been Cleared!

I shared a couple months ago that we’ve purchased a house – well actually that we are under contract to have a house built – so it really was just a wooded lot. Well…they’ve finally cleared the lot so now we have dirt instead of trees!

The first day we saw some of the trees down, it looked like this:


The tractor clearing the trees was down the hill a bit, and you can see how much work they still had to do:


There were a LOT of trees! It’s part of what we like about this area – as we’ll always have the woods behind our house because it’s designated green space and won’t ever be built up.

After another day (yes they got all the trees down in just 2 days!) the lot looked like this:


The clearing and general grading were complete, but the lot has a pretty steep slope so we knew there would be more leveling. Unfortunately it sat in this state for about a week. I…am…not…very…patient. We drove by the lot every single day and started to get frustrated until we arrived one week later to see this:


They had to bring in TRUCKLOADS of dirt. I honestly think I heard the guy say something like 70 truckloads. I don’t know how the big the trucks are, but that’s a lot of dirt!

Here, you can start to see how steep the grade is, as they level the pad for the house:


It was about a 8-9′ drop…I even made my husband stand near it so we had some comparison.


Our builder actually lives in our new neighborhood, so the crew called him out there to talk about what change we might need to make to the grade before they finished it up. We’re going to have the backyard terraced one level, but that still would have left us with two 4-foot drops. So we all talked about it and decided we’d drop the house about 18″ lower than street level, which would save us some of the steepness in the back. And this is what it looks like now from the street (I don’t think I took a picture of the new drop off in the back yet.)


Again, the lot sat like this for another week with no activity until this past Friday when they started with the trenches for the plumbing and we should see some good activity over the next couple weeks.

But, it’s exciting and we’re looking forward to watching some real progress now!


  1. Robyn n says:

    Exciting! And of course you are also going to make a scrapbook of all of this too, right :-). Sooo excited for you two!

    • Girl Going Country says:

      I hope I get around to a scrapbook, Robyn! At the very least, I’m taking a picture from across the street every day that there are changes and hope to put together a time lapse video of the progress. :-)

  2. Julie S. says:

    How exciting! I’m really curious to see what you do with all that land ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Julie S. recently posted..Summer of Love Blog and Giveaway Hop

    • Girl Going Country says:

      We’re definitely looking forward to a real garden. And we’re already talking about possibly adding a pool. To start, the yard will at least be terraced to give us two levels so we’ll have plenty to work with!

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