The Fab 4 of Spices

I love spices. I have a cabinet full of all kinds of great seasonings and flavors to add to almost any dish. But there are 4…just 4…that are my go-to, must-have spices. Individually (but mostly all together) these are the four I use most regularly.


  • Garlic Salt – Garlic and salt. Need I say more? Seriously just the perfect addition to just about anything. If I could only have one single spice/seasoning for the rest of my life, this would be it.
  • Black Pepper – But not the kind that’s already cracked and in a shaker. You get so much more flavor in such a small amount when you are able to use freshly cracked pepper.
  • Paprika – This is a relatively new spice for me, but I fell instantly in love! The smokey flavor, the gorgeous color…it’s all warmth and yumminess.
  • Onion Powder – This is the cousin to my garlic salt and adds just enough onion flavor without any additional saltiness. It’s subtle…in fact you wouldn’t “miss it” exactly, but it adds more depth to the seasoning and is therefore worth it in my opinion.

I use all four of these together any time I’m browning ground beef, and for one of our very favorite slow cooker meals (I’ll share the recipe soon). And when all else fails and I don’t know how to season something, I grab for any one (or all) of these bad boys and know they won’t do me wrong.

What are your favorite spices? Do you have a go-to seasoning?


  1. Julie says:

    I haven’t used paprika but garlic salt, black pepper, and lemon pepper are my go-to spices. I definitely need to use onion powder more.
    Julie recently posted..Friend’s Wedding, Change of Command, and Vacation

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Oooh lemon pepper sounds good! I don’t think I’ve ever used that. Do you use it on meats? veggies?


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