2015 Year in Review

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2015 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to take a few minutes to look back and do a quick review. The natural starting point is to see how I did against my Goals: [Read more…]

Craft Space Reveal

I’ve been working on creating some craft space in my house for the past few weeks. I had been longing for my very own craft room and realized I was able to carve out some pretty good space in my home office. There were a few key factors for determining what I needed:

  1. The three key crafts/hobbies I wanted to focus on are crocheting, sewing, and paper crafts. (Oh, and getting back into jewelry making or at least working with beads and wire. That’s 4 then.)
  2. I wanted a dedicated craft work table.
  3. I wanted a dedicated space for my new sewing machine so I didn’t have to pack it away and drag it out every time I wanted to work.
  4. I wanted to reclaim my dining room table (see #2 and #3 above).
  5. I needed to keep dedicated work space for my day job (I thankfully work from home).
  6. We currently rent so I needed short-term, non-invasive storage solutions.
  7. As much as I have loved the peg boards in some of the craft rooms on Pinterest, my husband thought peg board was too industrial and encouraged me to find something else.

Not too much to ask, right?

Let’s start by being real and honest with what my office looked like before I got started. Let’s just say it there wasn’t much space to do any actual crafting. [Read more…]

Happy New Year – Goals for 2013

Wow!  It’s 2013! It’s true what they say – time goes faster and faster each year.

But I love a new year – a chance to reflect on the prior year, and plan for a new one! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple weeks about what I want to tackle in 2013. These aren’t resolutions as much as they are some goals that I want to achieve for Girl Going Country. And I want to share them with you:

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30 Days of Thankfulness Day 18

I am thankful for the creativity and generosity of others. I like to think I’m a creative person but I’m not a “creative” person. I usually require inspiration from someone or something else. And thankfully there are so many really creative people out there. And the very best part is that they are so generous with their ideas and creativity.

I’ve started following a lot of really great blogs. My inbox overflows with daily inspiration. Too many to name in this post (but I will be putting up a whole page dedicated to the sites that I follow), but I wanted to call out one in particular.

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