Stash-Buster Challenge 2013

I have committed to the Stash-Buster Challenge, which is co-facilitated by Lanas de Ana and Linda’s Crafty Corner. The idea is to use up your yarn stash this year. For having only been crocheting for a few months, I quickly developed a yarn addiction and have come to realize that I need this challenge. But in order for me to commit to it, I came to two realizations:

  1. I need to fess up to how much yarn I’ve already accumulated
  2. I need to stop buying new yarn

Needless to say, #1 is the toughest one for me. LOL I’ve managed to avoid going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby since the beginning of January, but I have to admit I was SO tempted!

So this weekend, as I’m working to organize my crafting supplies and office, I commit to getting all my yarn out of its various hiding places and take a picture. The first step to dealing with a problem is admitting you have one, right? And to fully confess to how bad the problem is.

I will also work on pulling together a quick post of what I’ve done in the month of January to tackle this stash problem, by sharing sneak peaks at projects I have in progress.

I’ll continue to post pictures of projects as I complete them, but will provide a monthly recap of my stash progress (and updated pictures of my (hopefully) depleting yarn stash)…more as an accountability to me than anything else. But by making it public, that external accountability just might help. After all, my husband is subscribed to my blog…so the biggest thing will be fessing up to HIM how much yarn I really have. (Honey, I promise I’ve bought almost all my yarn on sale!)

So…deep breath…I CAN do this!

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  1. Linda says:

    Of course you can do it! haha why don’t you weight your completed projects at the end of the month and I will put the amount on the totals list then you can see just how much you have busted by the end of the year :) Have you seen the size of some of the other’s stashes
    you are not alone! :)
    Linda recently posted..Blogger Blanket and a Giveaway

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Oh Linda, what a great idea! As I get everything together today, I will weigh it; and I don’t have everything I made in January (some were gifts) but I have a lot of it so I’ll try and guess. But going forward, I will weigh my completed projects each month and keep track of my % used each month. Ok, now this is appealing to the numbers person in me. :-)

      I’m sure there are people with much bigger stashes than me…but if I built up this big of a stash in just a few months, I’m afraid my house would have been taken over were it not for this challenge to keep me focused on using up yarn!

  2. Rural Housewife says:

    Will be cheering for you! :) one question though…what do you do with everything you make? I am having that problem! I love making crocheted bowls but I don’t need that many :) any suggestions?

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Hi Jennifer – so far I’ve been lucky in that most of the things I’m making are still for gifts. :-) I have friends who would like me to start selling some pieces, so I may launch my Etsy store once I get a few items made up. I can’t WAIT to make some of the crochet bowl patterns I have saved, but like you I probably don’t need that many. Have you thought of selling yours?

      • Rural Housewife says:

        I’ve thought about it, and there is a gift shop in town that said they would, I am just not sure what to price them at or if they would even sell – LOL. but I guess it never hurts to try. At least it would get them out of the house :)


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