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I haven’t made an “official” announcement about this yet – but some people have asked, and I’ve started talking about it more and more. I’m so in love with soap making, that I’m working hard to launch a little soap business later this year! I will just never be able to use all the soap I’m making (and that I want to make) so I need to find a way to pay for this new hobby and put that soap to good use. :-)

I’ve been busy testing many soap recipes, trying to find “the one” that I want to use for at least the initial product launch. And I also know that I’ll be looking for volunteers who’ll be willing to help test the final variations to give me outside feedback. I had hoped that I was nearly ready for that first “Soap Panel”. My husband and I have started initial testing of the batches, and alas…these aren’t cutting it for me. I think I’ve finally got the bubbles/lather feeling pretty creamy, but they just aren’t as moisturizing as I wanted.


I have two other formulations that are much closer to what I’m looking for, so I’m back to the drawing board this weekend making up the new set of batches to test. And this is where cold process soap making challenges my patience. It’ll be another 4-5 weeks before that batch will be cured and ready to go. So…

If you have expressed interest in the past about being on my Soap Panel, rest assured the time is coming! It will just take a little longer for me to be ready to take full advantage of your help. And if this is news to you? Don’t worry! I’ll be looking for more participants and I’ll be posting a sign up form when I feel confident I have the right product to send you. I am working VERY HARD to make sure I’ll be able to offer something I love and want to share!

I am thankful for all the support and encouragement I’ve already received before even being CLOSE to ready! It’s making all the hard work so worth it!

I’ll post updates as I have more to share – and will let you know when the new company name has been registered and social media addresses secured, where I’ll post much more about the entire process of getting things going. :-)


  1. Peggy Downing says:

    Soap panel?? What did I miss? Lol! I wanna be on your soap panel! :)

  2. Kim says:

    GGC I can’t wait to see your final product! You are so creative, I’m excited you found a new outlet :)

    p.s. my hand is raised for the first batch!!

  3. Julie S. says:

    Ooh look at you and all that awesome soapy fun turning into a business. Definitely curious to try out your soap when you’ve perfected the recipe.

  4. Julie says:

    I am so in for sampling your soap, too, Katie. I can give you the sensitive skin, allergic to everything feedback!! :)

  5. Sofia says:

    Good Luck.


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