Soap Panel RESULTS

Soap Panel

Yep – it’s finally time to learn the results of the June soap panel. As a recap, here is what went down:

  • 35 wonderful people volunteered to try out six variations of soap bases (22 of you completed the survey – THANK YOU!)
  • While each soap variation was colored just to tell them apart, there were no scents used as I was focusing on how the soap FEELS; and looking to identify if specific ingredients were worthy of being included

So what did the results show?

  • First and foremost, no one recipe is going to make everyone happy. :) For every comment that said “this was my favorite!” there was another comment that said “liked this one the least.” In fairness, most respondents shared with me that even their “least favorites” weren’t awful, so that’s good!
  • I over-colored some of the samples so there was some washcloth discoloration (that thankfully washed out) and colored streaks; so I will definitely work on getting a better balance of amount of color vs. how dark I can realistically get.

While results were a little all over the place, there were two “winners” that were very close:

Green and Lavender

What does that tell me (along with all the other feedback)?

  • People generally preferred recipes WITH palm oil
    • I personally like what palm oil brings to the table but I know that some soapers prefer palm-free recipes so I wanted to see if I could adequately create a formula that provided some of the cleansing/bubbling properties that only palm oil seems to bring. At least for now, I haven’t found it. Rest assured, I look for sustainably┬á sourced palm oil.
  • People generally preferred recipes with coconut milk
    • I had hoped this would be true, because in making sample batches for my home, I’ve always liked what coconut milk added. It adds some moisturizing and bubbling properties.
  • Adding tussah silk did not make the soap a clear cut winner
    • Adding actual silk is an extra step in the soap making process and I was wondering if it was really worth it. Some soapers claim a huge benefit to silkiness and softness, that I didn’t personally notice. So either, my testers didn’t notice it either, or I’m not using enough to get the benefit. At least for now, I’ll be dropping silk from the recipe.

I do think I’ll still tweak the recipe just a smidge…to help pump up the bubbles just a little bit more without jeopardizing softness (I’m a sucker for good bubbles), but this helped SO MUCH in identifying where to focus.

So testers…what do you think of the findings. Were you a lover or hater of the green or lavender?


  1. Jennifer Romeyn says:

    If I remember correctly the green was my favorite. I fell into that group of people that found it hard to pick my least favorite because there wasn’t one that I actually disliked.

  2. Laura Cano says:

    I am pretty sure one of those was one of my favorites – I am glad you got good feedback and can make necessary tweaks!!! It was fun to help :)

  3. Shannon Fox says:

    The green and lavender were my favorites as well, they were the only two that didn’t leave a weird dry/tacky film on my skin! It’s kind of hard to adequately describe, but basically, if I would run my finger over the area that the soap was used on, it would not glide smoothly over the area…if that makes any sense. Green and lavender did not do that, just smooth and soft.

  4. Julie S says:

    I think those were my favorites as well. Big fan of coconut oil here :)

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