#SchoolOfSewing: Lesson 1 Fabrics

Ok, this year got off to a slow start so I had to delay the start of the School of Sewing sew-a-long by a month, but I’m looking forward to finally jumping in and getting started! If you haven’t heard about learning to sew with me, or just want to catch up on the details, you can go to the 2015 School of Sewing page to see what’s in store.

Lesson #1 is the Speedy Pillowcase, and I’m really glad that the first project is so simple so I can dip my toes back into the world of sewing. The first part of the book had so much great information about how to choose a machine, tools you’ll need, etc., and since I’ve tried learning to sew before (over a year ago!), that was informational for me but thankfully I have everything I need to get going. If you don’t, I highly recommend spending the time to read the first 70 pages of the book. I’m mostly going to need to concentrate on cleaning my machine and changing the needle to make sure it’s ready to go. (See page 65 – 66 for great tips for both of these items.)

So really, I got to focus just on picking fabric for this project. I gotta say – I feel like I SUCK at this! I knew I wanted to make this pillow case for one of my husband’s pillows that is extra long (and hard to find pillow cases for) so I wanted something gender neutral or masculine. I went to the fabric store and was immediately overwhelmed. I did stick to the quilting cottons (as recommended) so that helped narrow it down a little bit, but still. Thankfully, my husband approves of my fabric choice.

School of Sewing Lesson 1 Fabrics

Ugh – I took this picture at night with terrible lighting so I don’t think the colors are coming through well. Have I mentioned lately that I’m not a photographer? :-) I promise to get pictures of my finished product in better lighting so that the colors come through.

Anywho…I’m ready to tackle this project next weekend. Are you ready? Have you picked out your fabric yet? If so, please share! I need fabric inspiration and want to see what you’ve selected!

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  1. Wendy B. says:

    Making a pillowcase for Jack and let him pick out his own fabric. We’re doing the extra credit flange!

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