School of Sewing – Delayed

January has gotten off to a rough start in my household. One of our kitties was sick for a couple weeks, resulting ultimately in surgery (she is fine now, thank goodness!); during her final steps of recovery I headed out of town on a business trip and brought home the cold/flu/plague and am just now barely feeling like I might be recovering…but is SLOW GOING. My husband also caught a cold (thankfully not as bad as mine, because I REALLY needed someone to take care of me these past 4 days) and my other kitty had to be taken to the vet yesterday and is now on antibiotics. So I want a do-over to the fresh start a new year is supposed to bring.

In the spirit of Being Gentle With Myself (my number one goal for 2015), I am giving my household the rest of January to try and get back to “normal” and pushing all activity out one month. That means that my School of Sewing activities will now start in February. I’ve put up a page that recaps the approach I’ll take, and updated it with the new monthly schedule. You can find that page here:



That also means there’s still time for you to grab the book, get your sewing machine and supplies ready, and join me starting in February! :-)


  1. Brittany says:

    I’m so glad you all are on the mend! And I’m secretly happy for the postponement! We JUST got the spare room transformed from a guest room to a guest/craft/office room that is actually a workable space for all three purposes! And I haven’t bought my machine or supplies. I’m such a slacker. I promise I will. So take your time- rest assured, I will definitely not be upset!!

    • Yay for fun new craft space! You’ll have to share pictures! And don’t worry about “slacking” – you can pick up and join me any time, but I do love that maybe we’ll have a chance of being on nearly the same schedule. :-)

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