Learning to Sew: ZigZags and Pins

Now that I have my craft space organized, I’m so inspired to get to work making stuff! Over the weekend, I made progress on the Learn to Sew series and completed Lesson #2. The goal of the lesson was to learn to use a ZigZag stitch, and the practice item was a hooded towel. I don’t have a little one to model it for me, so this picture probably isn’t very impressive.

I apparently didn’t trim all the loose thread, so my cat (Cali) decided she needed to play.

I feel pretty good about using the zigzag stitch. And Amber was right, it’s not much different than working with a straight stitch. But I was able to secure 5 layers of towel with it and it feels really strong, so it did its job.

The REAL lesson I learned had nothing to do with the zigzag stitch at all.

Pay attention to the direction of your pins.

As I was pinning the hood to the “body”, I had all the pins nice and secure. But then I sat down to sew and they were all pointed TOWARD me. Which meant as I was sewing, I had to stop early and pull the pins out away from me. Ideally, the pins would have been placed with the point away from me so I could sew right up to the tip and slide the pin out. But now I know. :-)

I have all my pieces cut out for Lesson #3, so I hope to get that knocked out this week.


  1. Jenn Carlen says:

    Ahhhhh……..lessons are tough! LOL!

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