Learning to Sew with School of Sewing

2015 is the year I finally learn to sew! And I hope to do that with the help of School of Sewing. It’s one of two classes/series I’ve committed to as part of my 2015 Goals, and I am looking forward to finally getting to the point where sewing is a regular activity for me, with no fear!


This book was written by my friend’s wife, sharing the 12 actual classes and projects that she used to teach a group of her friends how to sew. Man, I wish I lived near her and could have done this in person with her! But, at least I have the benefit of her teachings and so can you!

If you’ve been wanting to learn to sew, join me on this journey! I’ll be sharing my experience and encouraging you to share yours, as I complete one project per month. Here’s how I plan to break this down:

  • Each month, by the 20th: I will read the project chapter and acquire the necessary supplies (if I don’t already have something in my stash that I can use). I will put up a post with a picture of my fabric/supplies choices and something I’m particularly excited (or nervous) about in tackling the project. You will be able to upload and share pictures of your fabric/supplies as well, and leave your comments about what you’re excited about.
  • Each month, on (or around) the last day of the month: I will post pictures of my completed project, share my particular challenges and successes, and invite you to do the same!

So, while we aren’t all able to come together in my craft room, we can all learn and share together virtually. Fun, yes?

I invite you to join me, because honestly, I’m going to need others to commiserate with. My last attempt at teaching myself to sew petered out after a few projects and I’m hoping that this time, no matter how hard, I’ll stick through to the end because I am doing it with you! Grab a copy now and let’s learn to sew!

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