Learning to Sew: Crawling Before Walking

One of my goals for 2013 was to learn to sew. I received a great sewing machine for Christmas from my parents, and had my heart on starting out the new year with a bang! Amber at Crazy Little Projects was starting her Learn to Sew Series and I was mentally ready to jump right in! But then life got in the way and the year got off to a very busy start. And I didn’t even get to take my new sewing machine out of its box until a couple weeks ago. But I’m catching back up now. :-)

It’s been two weeks since my sewing machine was freed from its box, and I still haven’t completed the first actual sewing project. But I’ve realized there were quite a few baby steps that I needed to get through before I could walk sew, and wanted to catch you all up on what I’ve done.

First, let me introduce you to my sewing machine. Here she is fresh out of the box. Nice, right?

Really I only asked for a basic starter machine to make sure I didn’t completely suck at sewing, but my parents are so good to me and got this model for me.

On that first day, my whole goal was to get to know my machine and get it threaded. The Learn to Sew series broke this all down for me with a couple really great readiness posts:

Since my machine was different than the two sewing machines that Amber went over, I also walked through the getting started guide that came with my machine. Everything was making sense, I was super excited, and ready to go.

And then I had to thread the machine. I got the bobbin wound with no trouble. (That was fun!)

And then I threaded the top part of the machine. Let’s just say that this is where that Learn to Sew Pledge came in REALLY handy. Because when I tried to test the machine out, this is what happened.

In case you were wondering, that’s NOT what is supposed to happen.

I had to walk away from the machine that first day. I reached out to the Learn to Sew Facebook Group – and I called my mommy. I honestly thought my machine was defective. HA! I should have known it was just me. Here are a couple key lessons I learned while getting through this.

  1. When something is wrong, it’s probably not the machine.
  2. When something goes awry in the bobbin area, it’s really a problem with your top thread. (Umm yeah that is not inherently intuitive.)
  3. When it is suggested to practice re-threading your machine, DO IT!
  4. When threading the machine, make sure your presser foot is in the UP position. (I’m sure the instructions said this.)

I probably re-threaded my machine 15 or 20 times but then guess what? IT FINALLY WORKED!! My first weekend learning to sew and my machine finally can sew a straight line!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you how my second weekend went. :-)


  1. Robyn N says:

    Oh how reading this brings back memories of high school sewing class. Lucky for me I had a wonderful teacher who had amazing patients. Sewing and I never really got along, something tells me it had a tad to do with patience, or maybe lack thereof. And also an inability to picture the final product, pick out colors, etc. Happy sewing!

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Oh I’ve DEFINITELY learned that patience is the most important skill when learning to sew. :-) I definitely had to step away and come back to it so as not to get discouraged.

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh man, good luck with this! I really want to learn to sew as well, but I’m scared. Haha I feel like I would end up with a big pile of thread like you did.
    Ashley recently posted..Sunday Stash Update #4

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Ashely, if you DIDN’T end up with a pile of thread like me I’d be super jealous! :-) Slow and steady progress over here…but progress none the less so I’ll take it!


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