I Am Not a Photographer

Being that this is a new blog, there’s a lot you don’t know about me yet. So I figure I better start a series of posts to help you get to know me.

A key thing to know: I am not a photographer.

I follow a lot of sites with BEAUTIFUL photos. I love looking at the pretty pictures. I wish I could promise you gorgeous well-lit pictures. Shoot, right now I can’t even find my camera. So I’ve been using my cell phone. Lame, right? But that’s what I’ve got and I’d rather have less-than-great pictures than none at all.

As I start to bring a little more country into my life, my main focus is on sharing my experiences. What I’m trying. Mistakes I’m making. Thoughts I’m having. And because it’s more fun to see pictures than to just read words, I will try and include some.

But don’t expect them to be wonderful. I figure as long as I don’t make your eyes bleed, then I’m doing ok. Because I am not a photographer.

Maybe someday I’ll pick up the hobby and you’ll be able to watch me develop great photography skills. But until then, I hope you are ok with what you get, because I am. :-)


  1. Julie says:

    Maybe from time to time you can have Robert get some good looking photos of something spectacular that you make. But yea, a cell phone photo does the job just fine. We don’t need super special color contrast to see what food looks like.
    Julie recently posted..Friend’s Wedding, Change of Command, and Vacation


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