Happy New Year – Goals for 2013

Wow!  It’s 2013! It’s true what they say – time goes faster and faster each year.

But I love a new year – a chance to reflect on the prior year, and plan for a new one! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple weeks about what I want to tackle in 2013. These aren’t resolutions as much as they are some goals that I want to achieve for Girl Going Country. And I want to share them with you:

Goal #1: Learn to Sew

I am the daughter of a seamstress that doesn’t know how to use a sewing machine. Tragic, really. But I received my first sewing machine for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!) and am starting off with Crazy Little Project’s Learn to Sew Series. There’s still time to follow along as she teaches sewing basics over 7 weeks if you want to join me!

Goal #2: Tackle More Complicated Crochet Projects

I am in LOVE with yarn and crocheting! I’ve only been crocheting for about 2 1/2 months, but it’s been so rewarding! (Check out my completed projects here.) I’ve just started making hats, which really caused me to focus on following patterns accurately, and now I’m ready to tackle a few more complicated projects. I have a few adorable bags I want to try, and a lovely sweater that I hope I can make.

Goal #3: Create a Crochet Pattern

I want to experiment with different combinations of stitches…and create at least one pattern on my own. It might be a unique snowflake, or it could be a scarf or blanket. But I’d like to work up to creating something that was born out of my head.

Goal #4: Launch the Girl Going Country Store

I have so many ideas for fun projects to make and sell. Quite a variety of products too. But my goal is to launch the Girl Going Country Store and put some of those products out there and see what happens!

Goal #5: Grow Something

I keep telling myself that I want a garden “some day”. Well why wait? This year, I am going to grow SOMETHING in a planter-based garden. Since I currently rent, I won’t invest in putting something in the ground…but I’m thinking maybe some herbs or cucumbers or tomatoes would be fun to try this year.

Goal #6: Can Something

I really want to learn to can food, and would like to try canning something this year. Whether it’s veggies from the farmers market, or maybe tackling pickles, I’d like to get something preserved in a mason jar this year.

Goal #7: Make Soap or Candles (or both!)

I don’t know why this calls out to me, but it does! I think the soap-making is at least partly due to my desire to venture into more natural products. Cutting out chemicals where I can, and also finding gentle products that are good to my very sensitive skin. I already use coconut oil based hand soap, lotion, and lip balm; but I want to try making some of that myself. And candles? Who doesn’t love candles?

I am so excited about these goals! I know they are all attainable without over-stretching myself. (I have a tendency of doing that!) I do have a demanding full-time day job, after all, but I’m loving tapping into my creative side and creating something with my hands. The satisfaction of seeing raw materials turned into something that I made is so rewarding.

What are some of your goals for the new year? Whatever you have planned, I wish you a joyful, prosperous new year!


  1. Amber Price says:

    I am so excited that you are going to do my Learn to Sew series!
    Amber Price recently posted..Get Organized for 2013

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m wanting to launch a store too. I’ve wanted to for years and just not been able to make it happen. I’m hoping this will be the year. Hope 2013 is a great one for you!

    • Girl Going Country says:

      I hope you’re able to get your store successfully off the ground this year, too! Please let me know when you do. (I subscribe to your blog, so am keeping up there.) I hope this is an amazing year for you too. I’m enjoying following along on your journey.

  3. db says:

    I can help walk you through two of your projects – grow something and canning.

    I’d suggest starting with Basil. Its very forgiving, grows well almost everywhere, and smells and tastes GREAT! IT can be grown in almost anything, even as simple as a bag of potting soil with the side cut out. The key to growing plants is water! Knowing when and how much to water is key in successful gardening. Took me years to figure that one out!

    As for canning, water bath canning is the easiest way to start, but you need to make sure you stick with either a high sugar (jams, jellies, etc) or high acid (pickles, salsa, etc) PROVEN recipe. The Ball Blue Book of Canning is a fantastic resource, I consider it the Ultimate first book for canning.

    Drop me a line and we can have both of these knocked out before the end of January!
    db recently posted..From the Archives: Candied Jalapenos

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for the tips! I definitely was leaning towards pickles for my first canning project, so I’m glad to hear I can do that with the water bath method (as opposed to needing the pressure canner). I will definitely be picking up the Ball Blue Book of Canning…I continue to hear that is the book to get!

      My husband isn’t a huge fan of basil – but I might be willing to start with that anyway if it is forgiving (and because I like basil!). Are cucumbers worth trying? Or am I getting in over my head wanting to use my own cucumbers to make pickles?

  4. db says:

    If he’s not a big fan of basil, mammoth basil has a much milder flavor than the regular stuff, maybe he can try that.

    Cucumbers depend on a few things…they grow GREAT here, but because I use ZERO pesticides, I have to deal with an sty little bug called a “pickle worm”. How something about the size of a pencil lead and about half an inch long can eat an entire cucumber overnight baffles me….but they do it…

    If you live where you get frost or don’t mind pesticides, I say GO FOR IT! `Cukes are super easy to grow as well, and very prolific. Give it a try, what will it cost, a few dollar s for seed? Try lots of things..then learn from the failures….boy have I had my share of them! I’ve also learned a lot from them, so am better prepared each time I try something again.

    Hope it helps!
    db recently posted..From the Archives: Candied Jalapenos

    • Girl Going Country says:

      db you are a wealth of great advice! Thank you! I am definitely prepared to try lots of things and learn year over year – excited to jump in and give SOMETHING a try this year. :-)


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