Everything Except the Kitchen Sink

Our lot is starting to become a house! Since my last update

The plumbing was put in. Thankfully, we live close enough that we are able to monitor the progress on our house daily…because as we reviewed the pipes, we realized we could account for everything except the kitchen sink!

Plumbing - Missing Kitchen Pipes

This is the exact picture I sent to the builder to show them where our kitchen island should be, which includes the sink and dishwasher. We even brought our new neighbors over (who have the same floor plan) to make sure we weren’t just crazy, and my friend says “Honey, I think you’re doing dishes in your bathtub!” Umm…no thank you!

Thankfully, we got it fixed before prepping for the rest of the foundation.


They got the area trenched, and added the rebar, tension bars, and plastic sheeting:


And then FINALLY it became more than a dirt lot and we have foundation!


What I think will be our favorite “room” in the house, we are so thrilled we extended the covered patio across most of the back of the house. Again, my wonderful husband agreed to be in the picture to give an idea of the size of the patio.


We would have brought out some chairs and had a picnic on our new porch slab if it wasn’t so stinking hot this weekend! Welcome to Texas summer!

Friday, they brought the lumber out to the lot, so next week…FRAMING! Then it really will start feeling like a house!

As I’m typing, I’m also waiting for some boards to dry with some sample paint colors…I think we’re going to change the color we chose for the inside of the house, thanks to a wonderful interior designer at the local furniture store we met this weekend. She helped us to find the perfect new bedroom set, and I’m sure we’ll be back there for more beautiful items for our house over time. We also snagged a great sale on the refrigerator this weekend and thankfully they can hold off delivery until the house is done!

We are feeling so thankful to be building this house and can’t wait to move in and start creating beautiful memories here!


  1. Kim says:

    I’m so excited for you guys!! I can’t imagine how amazing it is to see your house coming together. I am happy we found a new house already built so we didn’t have to wait but it’s so cool watching them build the new homes. How big is the house? Single story?

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Thanks, Kim! It’s so much fun watching it get built…but I’m also impatient so that’s hard. LOL It’s a single story home – in fact I’m working on an update post today showing the amazing progress – and will be sure to talk more about the details.


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