Easter Card

I whipped up a couple Easter cards for some friends who had never heard of Washi tape before. (Gasp! :-) ) I had been thinking of similar ideas to this card and I finally sat down to make a couple.


At first, I printed the egg shape out on paper, adhered the Washi and cut it out. Since the tape is re-positionable, I thought I could peel the paper backing off. Not so much.

So them I drew the egg shape onto a plastic baggie and adhered the Washi to the opposite side (so I didn’t pick up any marker if I needed to reposition), adhered and cut it out. I was able to get the tape off but it was definitely stuck to the plastic more than I anticipated. I think the next time I’ll try something like clear contact paper – I think I saw a blog post suggesting that once. Then you leave the tape adhered to the contact paper and it becomes a sticker of sorts.

So much to play with. So much to learn. :-)


  1. Robyn N says:

    Looks great!

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