Right after Christmas, I went on a hat-making spree knocking out four hats in a week. This was mostly due to a commission request from my mom to have a brimmed hat to keep her warm on her morning walks while keeping the sun out of her eyes. So I worked on a couple different styles of brimmed hats.

The first one ended up being for me which took the pressure off while I was experimenting with more complicated hat patterns.

This was based on this pattern, although I realized that I didn’t get all the rows towards the bottom. I love that it’s a little “poofy” which minimizes hat hair.

So I tried again, this time in purple (to match the color of the scarf I made my mom for Christmas) and included the additional rows at the bottom.

I also included a plastic mesh in the brim to keep it stiffer. My mom wanted to be sure that the brim would stay pointing out, although the brim on both of these hats stay out equally well with this pattern.

Because I knew my mom might not like the poofier style, I always whipped up this pattern for her.

This is the one she ended up loving. Whew! I’m so glad she liked it!

Since I was sending off hats to my mom, I threw in another hat for my dad in the chunky style that my husband loves so much. This time in green.

(I really do need to get a man-sized head…this seemed to swim on my little model.) My husband was a little leery of a crocheted hat at first…kept telling me “I have hats.” But he now exclusively wears the hat I made him…he says it keeps him super warm but without overheating because it “breathes” better. Winner!

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  1. Robyn N. says:

    You’ve been busy. I’m impressed! I really like the first poofy one. I agree with Robert about needing to be warm but still breathing. Keep up the good work.

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