Cotton Mat

Up until now, I’ve been crocheting exclusively with acrylic yarn. Mostly because it is pretty inexpensive and very readily available at my local stores. It totally works and I will continue to use acrylic – but I also wanted to start working with cotton. Cotton is the preferred material for things like place mats and coasters, as acrylic will melt under high heat and I suspect cotton is also more absorbent. I didn’t know what to expect, but I stocked up recently on an on-line sale, and this past weekend, whipped out a skein to give it a try.

I know I’d like to make place mats, but I thought I’d start by making a little mat for my cats’ food and water bowl.

Cat Mat

I LOVED working with cotton! The way it moved on the hook was noticeably different, and there is definitely a texture difference. I look forward to working on more mats, and some coasters.

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