Craft Space Reveal

I’ve been working on creating some craft space in my house for the past few weeks. I had been longing for my very own craft room and realized I was able to carve out some pretty good space in my home office. There were a few key factors for determining what I needed:

  1. The three key crafts/hobbies I wanted to focus on are crocheting, sewing, and paper crafts. (Oh, and getting back into jewelry making or at least working with beads and wire. That’s 4 then.)
  2. I wanted a dedicated craft work table.
  3. I wanted a dedicated space for my new sewing machine so I didn’t have to pack it away and drag it out every time I wanted to work.
  4. I wanted to reclaim my dining room table (see #2 and #3 above).
  5. I needed to keep dedicated work space for my day job (I thankfully work from home).
  6. We currently rent so I needed short-term, non-invasive storage solutions.
  7. As much as I have loved the peg boards in some of the craft rooms on Pinterest, my husband thought peg board was too industrial and encouraged me to find something else.

Not too much to ask, right?

Let’s start by being real and honest with what my office looked like before I got started. Let’s just say it there wasn’t much space to do any actual crafting. [Read more…]

How to Crochet with 5 Skeins at Once – Without Getting Tied Up in Knots

Yesterday, I shared A Scarf That’s Easy as 1-5-3, and it used 5 skeins/balls of yarn at one time. As you can imagine, keeping one skein/ball of yarn under control while crocheting can sometimes be challenging, but FIVE?

I started off sitting on the couch and had all 5 skeins around my lap. Before long, one dropped onto the floor. And I left it there because I feared that if I tried to get up to get it, I’d get the other four all tangled up. Before too long, 4 were on the floor (occasionally rolling away from me) and only one was left in my lap and it was time to do something about it. [Read more…]

How Drinking Coffee Gave Me Coordinated Organizers

I love organizational “stuff”. Nooks and crannies. Secret compartments in my car. Boxes and containers. But the cost of all the “cute” organizational items can add up. I realized that I had the perfect organizational “bin” for my pantry but they just weren’t cute.

My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to cover them with Contact paper. But I didn’t want them to go to waste, and I wanted to start getting the pantry more organized.  I mean they’re cute enough while they’re holding the KCups for my Keurig, but once they’re empty and I want to re-use them, not so much. But I love the bin style of these boxes. Lined up they don’t take up a whole lot of space, but it’s easy to reach in and grab what’s inside. [Read more…]

Freezer Inventory and Organization

Full FreezerLast week, I was inspired by A Working Pantry to finally take a moment and inventory my deep freezer. I’ve wanted a deep freezer for a long time, and we finally decided to get one earlier this year. I was surprised by how quickly we filled it up! And how quickly you can “lose” things in there. So, I thought I’d share with you what I currently keep, and how I keep it all organized.

[Read more…]

Are you getting your free Home Management Binder printables?

I love all things organization. Containers, nooks and crannies, secret compartments in my car, tools of any kind. I haven’t really thought of a Home Management binder though…until Organizing Homelife started her 31 Days of Home Management Binder Printables. A binder to organize your life? And pretty pages to help you do it? Yes, please!

[Read more…]