Clear a Clogged Drain Naturally

So I’ve had a slow-draining master bathroom sink for a while. Like a couple months. It’s been slow but not enough to seriously annoy me. About a month ago (when it was just a little slow) we poured a half bottle of the “drain cleaner” down the drain. You know the stuff. The wear-gloves-eye-and-nose-protection, don’t-use-more-than-twice-a-year-cuz-you’ll-ruin-your-pipes, super-caustic-keep-away-from-children-pets-and-old-people chemical stuff where you need to pour a half or whole bottle into the drain and then vacate your house. And it didn’t help.

And then it got s…l….o….w…

Like almost not draining anymore slow. I was ready to call in professional help. And then I came across this article shared on Facebook and I thought it was worth a try. So today, I decided to test out whether a natural solution could do what the mega-chemical couldn’t.

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