It LOOKS like a house now!

I haven’t posted an update on the new house for a few weeks – mostly because I didn’t want to bore you with updates every day. But since I haven’t shared any pictures or updates since the foundation went in, I am well past due. So let’s work backwards, by starting with what it looks like today.


As you can see, a LOT has happened in the last few weeks. Let’s recap how we got here: [Read more…]

Everything Except the Kitchen Sink

Our lot is starting to become a house! Since my last update

The plumbing was put in. Thankfully, we live close enough that we are able to monitor the progress on our house daily…because as we reviewed the pipes, we realized we could account for everything except the kitchen sink!

Plumbing - Missing Kitchen Pipes

This is the exact picture I sent to the builder to show them where our kitchen island should be, which includes the sink and dishwasher. We even brought our new neighbors over (who have the same floor plan) to make sure we weren’t just crazy, and my friend says “Honey, I think you’re doing dishes in your bathtub!” Umm…no thank you! [Read more…]

The Lot’s Been Cleared!

I shared a couple months ago that we’ve purchased a house – well actually that we are under contract to have a house built – so it really was just a wooded lot. Well…they’ve finally cleared the lot so now we have dirt instead of trees!

The first day we saw some of the trees down, it looked like this:


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I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few weeks…but I’m too excited not to share it now!

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