2016 Goals

It’s a fresh new year! Time to share some goals. I have just three main themes that I’ll follow this year: [Read more…]

2015 Year in Review

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2015 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to take a few minutes to look back and do a quick review. The natural starting point is to see how I did against my Goals: [Read more…]

2015 Audiobook Challenge: Q3 Check-In

I can’t believe it’s time for the Q3 Audiobook challenge check-in! It’s October already? What??

This year, I set a goal to read 52 books, and as part of that I’ve separately signed up for an Audiobook Challenge, which is being hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens. I set a goal for 15-20 of my books this year to be audiobooks, which they call the “Socially Awkward (Don’t Talk to Me)” Level.

I’m so excited to report that I’ve completed SIXTEEN audiobooks so far! WOO HOO! I hit my audiobook goal! You can see what I’ve listened to on my Goodreads shelf where I’m keeping track for this challenge.

And yes, I’m still behind in my total goal of 52 books for the year though. As you may recall, I was in a reading funk for a good chunk of the year, but I think I’ve finally broken through that; so now to see if I can catch back up!

April Update: Sewing, Soaping, and Sand

I can’t believe April is almost over! Time just keep whizzing by and I keep filling it up with good stuff – but don’t always get around to blogging about it. Sorry! I thought I’d do a single post to try and get you caught up and see if I can’t get to a more regular posting schedule. [Read more…]

2015 Goals

New year, new opportunity to reset our focus. I have to admit, the last few months of 2014 found me in the midst of a “mid-life re-evaluation”. My husband has convinced me not to call it a “crisis”, but an opportunity to stop and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Because, let’s face it – 42 isn’t “grown up” yet (right??).

So my 2015 goals are about exploration, reflection, and learning. Really digging into things I’ve been wanting to learn, listening to my heart, and trying to find my bliss. My goals will actually be very similar to those I tackled in 2014, but with a focus on self-reflection to keep doing things I love and stopping the things that don’t bring value or joy. So…here we go!

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