Stuffed Peppers Recipe (In the Crockpot)

Last weekend, I resurrected a recipe from my (no longer active) Crock Pot Virgin archive to make stuffed peppers, and they were just as wonderful as I remember them! This time, I used ground beef, but these are going back into the rotation for meal planning for sure! Here is the original post from 2012: [Read more…]

Spring Planters

Today was a great fingers-in-the-dirt kind of day. Spring is fully here in East Texas and the bugs are already out! We planted eight new planters for our back porch with plants to help keep bugs away: lavender, peppermint, citronella, and marigolds. Let’s hope these help!

Spring Planters

My Favorite Meatloaf

I’m having such a fun and productive weekend! In addition to reading, crocheting, and making 50+ Christmas cards (post coming soon)…it was time to stock up the freezer with another batch of meatloaf. I thought I’d share this recipe, which is a hybrid I developed a couple years ago from so many recipes I’ve seen that appealed to me. I usually make a double-double batch (quadruple batch) and freeze/vacuum seal them in 1lb foil loaf pans. There are a few reasons why I do that:

  1. It doesn’t take all that much longer to make a quadruple batch than to make just one.
  2. A double batch works up nicely in my 10 qt mixing bowls, so putting together 2 side-by-side is perfect.
  3. One can of the bread crumbs happens to perfectly make 4 batches.
  4. It all fits on two cookie sheets into my oven all at once.

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Crock Pot Flank Steak

Last week, I took advantage of some of my vacation time to do quite a bit of cooking and freezing of meals. I love having a well stocked freezer with yummy meals that are easy to heat for lunches and easy dinners. One of our go-to meals (either frozen or made same day) is a flank steak recipe that was originally inspired by the Balsamic Beef Roast from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. His recipe wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it helped me to fine tune and create something we really enjoy. Here’s my take on a similar recipe.

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Our Very First Garden

This weekend, we took the plunge and started our very first garden. It was one of my goals this year to grow something, and spring finally arrived here in East Texas. Trust me…everyone seemed to have the same idea. The Lowe’s was crazy busy! :-)

We decided to start small – and since we currently rent, we knew we wanted to work in containers – and we wanted to start with a small investment in case we completely kill everything (which is totally likely). Here is what we’re starting with:

Our very first garden - on day 1

And here is what each one contains (with some marigolds thrown in):

2013 Garden Day 1 - Up Close

Seriously, there were like a bajillion varieties of tomato, so we picked two to try. I think we’re a little late getting the strawberries going, but I love strawberries so it was worth a try. I also wanted cucumbers, but they were out today, so I might try and pick some up next weekend and add that to our little garden.

So excited to watch them (hopefully) grow…and to enjoy the fruits of our little bit of labor. Watch for updates throughout the rest of spring and summer!

What are you growing this year?