Birthday Card

I got on a card-making roll this past weekend! Once I had all my supplies out and was making the Chinese New Year’s card, it was easy to whip out just one more card. This gives me hope that if I just plan in advance, I could probably make cards once a month for all the events going on that month.

Earlier this week it was my hubby’s 40th birthday! (Welcome to the Fab 40’s!) I, unfortunately, am out of town on a business trip so I wanted to leave him something to find on his birthday. (Boy, I sure hope he found it already. I left it in his lunch box, so if he didn’t find it yet it means he’s not eating the food I cooked up over the holidays to stock the freezer for him!)

Birthday Card

Shapes used:

I know it’s simple, but we both have simple design tastes, so I hope he liked it!

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