Welcome to Girl Going Country! This is a place for me to share my journey as a city girl trying to introduce a little bit of country into my life. I think it’s important to start by defining what “country” means to me.

Country is a state of mind. It is the desire to leave the “big city rat race”, to calm life down, to embrace traditional skills and values, and to be willing to get my hands dirty. For me, this means learning to be more self-sufficient – to cook more, preserve more, make more. To learn new skills that will not only help during the zombie apocalypse but in every day living. To feel pride in providing for my family (you can read more about us below), and comfort in knowing we can take care of ourselves. To honor the land and value local farmers, humane raising of animals that we rely on for food, and to generally support sustainable, natural food growers/raisers.

While we do hope to purchase land and have our own “homestead” someday, I realized that I did not have to wait for that in order to start embracing the principles of country living. Thus, the mind shift that caused Girl Going Country to be born.

 Who is Girl Going Country?

I am a 40-year old wife and mom to two fur-babies. (I think I’d be that crazy cat lady if I had the space to adopt all the cats in the world needing a good home.) I’ve lived mostly in big cities as an adult – Sacramento, San Francisco bay area, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Houston. Yes I’ve moved quite a bit since marrying my husband 12 1/2 years ago. We’ve been on the search for adventure and embraced new opportunities as they’ve presented themselves. But in the last couple years, we’ve started to realize that we want to settle down and plant roots. We want to find our forever-home.

During the day I work for a software company – about as far from country living as you can get. :-) I’m so thankful for a career that challenges me intellectually and helps to contribute to the financial stability of our family. I am particularly blessed in that I am able to work from home. This gives us the freedom to live where we want – which ultimately will mean living on acreage.

But my day-job also is fast-paced, hectic, and can sometimes be very overwhelming. Being able to embrace the country philosophy is needed to balance out the stress that a job in technology can bring. It’s essential for my sanity.

What will you find on this blog?

Honestly, who knows? This is a work in progress. It’s mostly a way for me to chronicle my journey. To share lessons I’m learning, and the brilliant ideas of all those who came before me and who are so generous with their knowledge. I want to try a LOT of things. Canning, making soap, crocheting, all kinds of crafts, gardening, recipes. You might find all of this and more.

I hope you’ll follow along and join me. Share your experiences and other blogs/pages you enjoy. Hopefully you’ll laugh with me (I’m SURE I’ll have enough failures to keep you laughing along), dream with me, hopefully not shed too many tears with me, but most of all just be with me. Because if my quest for being country has taught me anything yet, it is just being here…being present…just BEING.