2016 Reading Goals: January Check In

Quick check in on my reading status for January. I’m officially tracking my reading goals with three different challenges, and you can see my current progress on my Reading Progress page. (Hint: I’m tracking ahead on all fronts! Yay me!)

A friend of mine has a book blog called Chapter Break, and they are doing a fun Bookish Bingo challenge. I decided to see how I compared to their bingo card for this month, and was surprised at how many squares I completed – 15 total squares marked off!

January Bookish Bingo


I was able to complete these squares while reading the following books:

(I’m still in the middle of Cinder, but counted it any way. :) )

I’ve really been enjoying the books I’ve read and listened to this month! I consider myself officially over my book slump and looking forward to a great year of reading!

What books did you read this month that you really enjoyed?


  1. Julie S. says:

    Great job Karie :) And yes, you didn’t have to *finish* the book for it to count. And you can count Cinder for next month’s squares too!

  2. carol says:

    Hmm, didn’t realize we didn’t have to finish it in January, just read it. Wonder if my current read fills in any of the squares I’m missing. I may have to go edit mine,

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