2015 Goals

New year, new opportunity to reset our focus. I have to admit, the last few months of 2014 found me in the midst of a “mid-life re-evaluation”. My husband has convinced me not to call it a “crisis”, but an opportunity to stop and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Because, let’s face it – 42 isn’t “grown up” yet (right??).

So my 2015 goals are about exploration, reflection, and learning. Really digging into things I’ve been wanting to learn, listening to my heart, and trying to find my bliss. My goals will actually be very similar to those I tackled in 2014, but with a focus on self-reflection to keep doing things I love and stopping the things that don’t bring value or joy. So…here we go!

Be Gentle with Myself

If I had to boil my goals down to just one, it would be to Be Gentle with Myself. This really is meant to encompass a few key guidelines:

  1. Give myself permission to change my goals as I learn.
  2. Continue to Relax More, and make time to decompress and reflect.
  3. Focus on healthy habits.

I realize that much of my internal struggle has been a result of expectations, either inflicted upon myself or assumed societal pressures. I would like to let go of those things, and really try to give myself a break. Minimizing the “shoulds”, and really trying to find out what I “want” and where my heart will lead me.

Read Books I Love

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. There were some really wonderful books I read last year (which you can see here) but I also felt like I just “put up” with a lot of books this year. Reading them because everyone else loved them, even though I didn’t. I want to give books a fair chance (I’m usually willing to give about 25% of a book before I want to call it quits), but I also know my to-read list is HUGE and I’ll never read everything on there. I do want to try and find the gems though. I don’t expect all books to be 5/5 stars; but I want to be enthralled and sucked in to the story; unable to put the book down. So, I give myself permission to give up on books that just aren’t doing that for me.

Really Learn to Sew

Cleaning out the filing cabinet this week, I found the receipt for my sewing machine. Ahem…that was too many Christmases ago! I’m committed to really focusing some effort on learning to sew without over-commiting and burning out. To help me do that, I’ve decided to complete the School of Sewing. This is a book with 12 projects (one I’ll complete each month) based on an actual sewing series that my co-worker’s wife taught. Want to join me? Watch for a post in the coming days where I’ll outline the approach I’ll take, and how you can complete the projects virtually with me.

Finally Learn to Make Soap

This has been on my want-to-learn list for a couple years now, and is one of those things that keeps coming back to me out of nowhere as something I think I’d really, really enjoy. I want to be sure, though, that I don’t just become a collector of soap-making supplies which, let’s face it, I am at risk for. (Watch for posts throughout the year as I try and de-stash my yarn, jewelry-making, and paper craft supplies that are overflowing in my craft room.) So, rather than trying to embark on this on my own, I’ve signed up for Bramble Berry’s Soap Crafting Club. Every month, for 7 months, they will send me a kit with the ingredients needed to make a batch of soap. Supporting by online classes and a forum for asking questions and learning from other students, I think this will give me the focus, motivation, and support I need to finally do this. I’ve been watching online videos now for a couple weeks and am so excited to get started! The first kit doesn’t go out until the end of January, so there is still time to sign up if you’d like to join me!


That pretty much sums it up! Of course I’ll continue other fun hobbies like crochet and paper crafts, but those are now just part of me. My goals are areas that I want to change, enhance, and modify. I’m excited for all the possibility that 2015 brings, and I wish you all a happy, successful, joyful year!

What goals have you set for 2015? Anything new and different that you’re trying? Any tips for figuring out what you want to be when you grow up? :-)


  1. Julie S. says:

    Great goals Karie! I agree with the read the books you love – there’s not enough free time to feel like you’re wasting it on something not enjoyable. I love the first bullet you have, to be gentle with yourself. What a great goal!

  2. I’m looking down the barrel at 40 and I’m not liking it. LOL I’ve decided to try crocheting this year. Book wise I plan to read more off my TBR (print/ebooks/audiobooks I already own).

    • Yeah 40 snuck up on me and then I flew right by it! LOL I picked up crochet a couple years ago and love it! I’ve been asked a couple times for some tips and some of my favorite resources, so I’ll be putting together a post on that soon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!


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