2015 Audiobook Challenge: Q1 Check-In

This year, in addition to setting a goal to read 52 books, I signed up for my first Audiobook Challenge, which is being hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens. I set a goal for 15-20 of my books this year to be audiobooks, which they call the “Socially Awkward (Don’t Talk to Me)” Level. Cute, right?

Tomorrow is their first quarter check in – so let’s see how I’ve done!

I created a separate Goodreads shelf so I can easily tag my completed audiobooks this year. And so far…(drumroll, please!)…I have completed FOUR of my books on audio! I’m right on track with my goal! Yay, me!

Side note: I’ve been in a reading funk lately – nothing has grabbed my attention and made me want to curl up non-stop with a book, so I hope to find something SOON that sucks me back in. If you have a must-read, my-favorite-book-of-all-time recommendation, I’d love to hear it! Even with my reading funk, I’ve read/listened to 12 books total so far this year, and Goodreads says that means I’m right.on.track.


  1. Julie S. says:

    Good job so far Karie! I’ve been tracking on a GR shelf too. Though just about all my reads this year have been audio lol

    • Thanks, Julie! I can only imagine audiobooks are easier for you with the baby – and while I don’t miss having a commute, you get some good listening time in the car. That’s been an incentive for me to run errands and stuff – more audiobook time! LOL

  2. 4 is a nice start. Keep up the listening!

  3. Lupdilup says:

    Nothing wrong with 4, you’re right on track :) I understand all about reading funks… I normally just pick an old favorite and re-listen, that works for me a lot times, but’s there’s no point on pushing it, reading and listening are supposed to be pleasures, right?

    • I completely agree! I think I need to turn back to favorite authors just to fall back in love with making time to read. And I need to remind myself that it’s ok to put a book down if I’m not loving and move on to something else. I think I sometimes try to “tough it out” and then it’s just not fun. There are PLENTY of wonderful books out there – I just have to find them. :-)

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