2013 Goals Update

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to post some “year end” type of posts…my favorite books of the year, goals for 2014, etc. I thought I’d start with an update on how I did with the goals I set for 2013. I love the idea of a fresh new year, and it’s such a good time to reflect back on what the previous year entailed…good and bad. So…how did I do?

Goal #1: Learn To Sew

I actually DID bust out my sewing machine and got started learning some of the basics. I was motivated by Amber’s Learn To Sew series at Crazy Little Projects, but have to admit I only got through lesson #3. You can see all my sewing related posts here.

Goal #2: Tackle More Complicated Crochet Projects

I feel like I sort of achieved this, partly by signing up for what was supposed to be a year long crochet-a-long. I petered out half way – partly because the host got inconsistent in posting patterns each week, which got me out of practice, which made me fall behind, which made me ultimately stop. And I just wasn’t enjoying the patterns later on in the series as much as when it started. So I’ll consider this only partly completed.

Goal #3: Create a Crochet Pattern

Nope, didn’t even attempt this one. I realize now that I don’t really want to do this. Too many really wonderfully cute patterns out there, that I just want to focus on actually crocheting. :-)

Goal #4: Launch the Girl Going Country Store

I thought about this one a lot. I even secured a separate URL, signed up for Store Envy and Etsy accounts, and then started to rethink if I wanted the pressure of a full on store. For now…I need to just get back in a more regular habit of doing fun, crafty things that I enjoy. If I end up making some things that are worth selling, then I’ll do that. But not ready to commit to anything “serious” right now.

Goal #5: Grow Something

I did plant my first container garden and I learned a LOT. I still need to finish the post on my results. You’ll laugh. :-)

Goal #6: Can Something

I did not get around to canning this year – but I now have my pressure cooker, and this Christmas I got a starter kit of all the tools I need. So..definitely putting this on the list for 2014!

Goal #7: Make Soap or Candles (or both!)

Woowee I had a lot of goals last year! LOL I did not do this either. But I got some really wonderful books for making soap (including this one), and would like to make time to try that.

So…not so great at achieving my goals, but I’m totally ok with that! 2013 was full of ups and downs for us. We lost our two precious cats this year, but welcomed a new kitten to our family. Built a new house. Moved (for the 12th time in 13 years!). Definitely wrapping up the year with some mixed emotions, but taking the very best of 2013 into a fresh new year full of hope and endless opportunities! Now…to set some realistic goals for myself this year. :-)

What goals do you have for the new year? I’d love to get some more ideas before really committing to mine so please share!

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  1. Karie I love that you put your 2013 goals in writing and then revisited them. Genius idea. I haven’t even thought about goals for 2014 but off the top of my head, read my book, work on our health, and create more!
    Jennifer Romeyn recently posted..New Year, New Traditions

  2. Read MORE books. LOL.
    Jennifer Romeyn recently posted..New Year, New Traditions

  3. Julie S. says:

    Ooh those were really cool goals that you set, and I’m glad you got to learn so many cool things this year :) I’m definitely interested in your container garden post :)
    Julie S. recently posted..BBB Blast: Bayonet Scars Series by JC Emery

  4. Mike Huiwitz says:

    At least your 2013 was still fruitful. Hoping for a better and more fruitful 2014 for ya!

  5. Thanks, Julie! I’ll definitely keep you posted. Because if something grows under my care, ANYONE can do it! LOL


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