2013 Crochet Along – Weeks 12-20

The crochet along designer fell behind for a couple weeks…and then I fell behind getting caught back up…then I did a bunch of the squares but didn’t have time to post them. Geez! You guys must have thought I just stopped all together. But I didn’t! I’m up to week 20 with two squares to go to be fully caught back up. Rather than posting them all separately, I’ll post weeks 12-20 here and then try to keep up going forward.

I also didn’t take a whole lot of time to try and color correct these photos. So…sorry about that. Just trying to get caught up quickly.

Week 12 was the Pretty Posy.

Pretty Posy Granny Square

Week 13 was the Kaleidoscope. Admittedly, one of my least favorite squares so far.


Week 14 was the Sunburst. This one was cute!


When I made this square, I got the first round stitch count wrong and didn’t notice it for a few rounds. I ended up keeping the “mistake” as a cute coaster for my desk.


Week 15 was called April Showers. This one was really hard to get squared. I’m sure it will look better once it’s added to the afghan.


Week 16 was Open Cross.


Week 17 was Popcorn Mania. It’s hard to see the popcorn stitch on this one because I used black, but they’re little “puff” balls. I tried to adjust the exposure of the picture so that the black yarn shows better…but that also meant it looks a little faded. I figured seeing the detail was more important in this case than seeing that it was a dark black. :-)


Week 18 was called Granny’s Little One.


Week 19 was A Daisy for Granny. This was a cool way to get a flower.


Week 20 was Open the Windows.


So now I just need to get caught up – as of today Week #21 and 22 are available. I’m sure by the time I’m done with those, week #23 will be available, but at least I’m getting closer.

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