2013 Crochet Along Week 6

*Catch up on prior week’s crochet along results here.

Ok, week 6’s pattern was almost as “challenging” for me as week 5 was. I liked the idea of this pattern…it is a heart after all. :-) And even though the pattern creator has a note that says “Your block may not be perfectly square or lay perfectly flat.  As you can see, mine doesn’t either.  But this is ok!  When we place the block in the blanket, it will take on the correct shape and lay better.”…it just wasn’t as satisfying to complete this individual square. But, it’s done and I look forward to seeing what happens when it goes in the blanket at the end of the year. And I snuck in a little red for the heart.

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  1. Robyn N. says:

    It will be so exciting to see the final product!

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