2013 Crochet Along Week 3

*Catch up on prior week’s crochet along results here.

Week 3‘s pattern just about did me in! Lessons from a granny square #472: be patient, count on having to undo your work multiple times, and eventually you will get it right close.

I made two “finished” squares but about 15 nearly done, then ripped apart, and tried again. Only one of these will be used in my completed afghan. (UPDATE 1/27: I made a brand new one when it just kept bugging me that my original square was about 6.5″ when it should have been 6″ to match up with the other squares. So I adjusted the pattern by going down one size hook to an H, and now it’s just right!)

Notice how this one is at least square? Yeah, the first one I made was NOT so square and it took me a couple days of staring at it (and stepping away due to frustration) to figure out what I did wrong.

My first one was “wonky”.

No matter how much stretching I did, I couldn’t keep it square. You see how the middle square is tilted to the right? I FINALLY figured out what it was. It all started with closing up the very first round of stitches…one stitch off. This one little stitch caused the whole pattern to get askew.

I’m proud that I didn’t just give up. I learned some good lessons with this pattern, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Week 4 has in store.

UPDATE: End the end of week 4, I looked back at my squares and decided I wanted to use only five colors for the whole challenge (so that the resulting blanket would be more coordinated). While I liked the idea of it being a mish-mash of whatever I felt like that week, I changed my mind. :-) So I re-did this square and wanted to share an updated version. (Really all I did was rip out the outer edge and changed it to white.)

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  1. Ana BC says:

    I am glad you found the trick for the square. Counting the stitches usually helps! with practice you will become an expert :-)

    • Girl Going Country says:

      Thanks, Ana! Yeah counting the stitches was a HUGE help! The biggest problem for me was joining the round and slip stitching into the wrong stitch. It took me forever to figure that out. :-)

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