2013 Crochet Along Week 2

*Catch up on prior week’s crochet along results here.

Week 2’s pattern for the granny square crochet along was a fun little twist on the basic granny square.

Note: I’m learning that white yarn is hard to photograph – so I tried to make some adjustments so you didn’t get totally blinded. Hope I was successful. :-)

I am really enjoying the idea of crocheting one small square per week. They are easy to whip up, so there’s no excuse that there is no time (even in my super crazy life).

UPDATE: I was taking a bunch of pictures in some good light and got an updated picture of this one. Hopefully this is less blinding. :-)

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  1. Robyn N. says:

    That turned out really nice! I like the colors. I think it looks better than the sample from the website you are following. Nicely done!

  2. Ana BC says:

    This granny has such ain interesting construction! Great to find a new way to make a granny…

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