Christmas Cards – 2014

The Christmas projects are complete, packages are out the door…whew! Now I can try and catch up on sharing some of these things with you. First up…our Christmas card this year! [Read more…]

My Favorite Meatloaf

I’m having such a fun and productive weekend! In addition to reading, crocheting, and making 50+ Christmas cards (post coming soon)…it was time to stock up the freezer with another batch of meatloaf. I thought I’d share this recipe, which is a hybrid I developed a couple years ago from so many recipes I’ve seen that appealed to me. I usually make a double-double batch (quadruple batch) and freeze/vacuum seal them in 1lb foil loaf pans. There are a few reasons why I do that:

  1. It doesn’t take all that much longer to make a quadruple batch than to make just one.
  2. A double batch works up nicely in my 10 qt mixing bowls, so putting together 2 side-by-side is perfect.
  3. One can of the bread crumbs happens to perfectly make 4 batches.
  4. It all fits on two cookie sheets into my oven all at once.

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It’s a Boy!

I’m finally able to share a project I worked on over the summer! I crocheted a baby blanket for a friend of ours, who just had the little fella a few days ago. (Ok, so technically I could have shared this a couple weeks ago after her baby shower…but…well….)

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Birthdays…Lots of Birthdays

September is a big birthday month in our family. My mom, brother-in-law, niece (yes she shares a birthday with her dad), father-in-law, and (step) mother-in-law all have birthdays within 5 days of each other! Eeek! And since one of my goals this year was to make every card I gave, I sat down earlier this month with my Silhouette Cameo and had some fun with birthday cards!

Birthday Cards

In case you missed it, my niece’s card was actually specific to the bike that she got. Check it out here!

Bike Card

In addition to the notecards I made for my niece this year, she was getting a new bike so we got her a gift card to get a new bike helmet. I put that in this cute card.

Bike Card

And on the inside, I included this fun greeting:

Bike Card Inside

Love the fun things I can make with my Silhouette Cameo. :-)