Soap Panel RESULTS

Soap Panel

Yep – it’s finally time to learn the results of the June soap panel. As a recap, here is what went down:

  • 35 wonderful people volunteered to try out six variations of soap bases (22 of you completed the survey – THANK YOU!)
  • While each soap variation was colored just to tell them apart, there were no scents used as I was focusing on how the soap FEELS; and looking to identify if specific ingredients were worthy of being included

So what did the results show?

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Soap Panel Results – COMING SOON!

I haven’t forgotten about sharing out the results from the June 2015 Soap Panel, promise! Some of you may know, but right in the middle of conducting this soap panel I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. I’m doing REALLY GOOD! We caught it super early…I’ve just been dealing with the diagnosis and recovering from my surgery. (I’ve been journaling throughout the whole process if you’re interested in any details – this link will take you the journal with the oldest posts first so you can read them in order.) The key thing to know is that I really am doing very well – recovering well, didn’t need chemo or radiation, and feeling good!

I still have another surgery ahead of me later this year, but it’s (almost) time to get back to soap making! This weekend, I’ll be reviewing all the survey responses again (to refresh my memory) and summarizing those to share with you. Here at home, we’re testing the first trial formulations for the first product line (whoop whoop!) and I’m ready to start the next test batch with some modifications; and revisiting my product launch checklist to readjust the schedule. While the product/company launch has been delayed, I still have a goal of at least a soft launch with some products in time for the holidays.

I’ll also be announcing the new company name soon – just waiting for my wonderful graphic designer husband to get me at least a temporary logo to use for all my social media presences. (He’s been a little per-occupied, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Stay tuned!

2015 Audiobook Challenge: Q2 Check-In

I have been in a “book funk” for much of the year. Somehow, I lost my reading mojo and just haven’t found a book that is making me NEED to read it. Thankfully, I’ve had audiobooks to help keep me moving towards my reading/listening goal this year. I set a goal to read 52 books, and as part of that I’ve separately signed up for an Audiobook Challenge, which is being hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens. I set a goal for 15-20 of my books this year to be audiobooks, which they call the “Socially Awkward (Don’t Talk to Me)” Level. Cute, right?

So here we are at the half way point of the year (say what??) and I’ve completed ELEVEN audiobooks!! This is in large part due to falling in love with Sookie Stackhouse (I’m on book #10). You can see what else I’ve listened to on my Goodreads shelf where I’m keeping track for this challenge.

(Note: I am behind in my total goal of 52 books for the year though…having completed only 21 so far (3 books behind). I hope to make that up this summer. :) )

Soap Panel Spots FILLED

Soap Panel

Wow! I’m completely overwhelmed and so appreciative of everyone’s support. In less than 24 hours, all spots in my first Soap Panel have been filled! I’ll be emailing everyone shortly to confirm that you’re in and will try and move up the timeline to get these samples out to you.


Soap Panel Sign Ups Now Open

Soap Panel

UPDATE 05/29: You guys are amazing! In less than 24 hours all the spots have been filled! THANK YOU!


It’s almost time! I’m looking for volunteers that would be interested in testing out some soap samples to help me finalize the soap recipe for my initial product launch later this year. I’ve been through a BUNCH of recipes (the last set of samples I intended for the soap panel didn’t make the cut!) … I want to bring something to the market that I love and that YOU’LL love too. So here’s how it’ll work:

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